Growhard Australia

Growhard Australia

A company dedicated to making indoor gardening possible anywhere since 1991. Manufactured in Melbourne, some of the most trusted and proven additives in the industry have been developed by Growhard Australia.

Nutriboost - GrowhardNutriboost

Plants need vitamins just like we do, and like us deficiencies can cause major problems. Nutriboost is a combination of Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, A, D, E & K. These vitamins have growth promoting properties that increase cellular activity and increase overall plant health.

Now with added seaweed to further increase the speed of growth and prevent deficiencies.

Revived - GrowhardRevived

Revived helps your plants recover after a period of stress caused by things such as; Over / under watering, plant
disease, transplant shock, infestation by pests and temperature issues.

Works particularly well on young plants as they are much more susceptible to problems and can really make a

Bud Juice - GrowhardBud Juice

Bud Juice triggers explosive flower production, increases flowering sites and can increase yields by up to 40%.

Bud Juice increases floral development and increases essential oil production significantly.
Incredible results when used in conjunction with Coverdrive and Liquid Lead.

Coverdrive - GrowhardCoverdrive

Coverdrive increases nutrient uptake and accelerates both cell expansion and cell replication in larger flowers. Coverdrive also increases resistance to drought, heat, stress, diseases, pests and end-stage exhaustion with it’s easy to use formula.

Amazing results when used in conjunction with the rest of the Growhard range.

Liquid Lead - GrowhardLiquid Lead

Contains a special formula precisely designed for the heaviest harvest. A unique blend of organic enzyme activators, vitamins, essential amino acids and carbohydrates that will unleash the full flowering potential of your plants.

Liquid Lead optimises harvest weight, promotes vigorous growth, enhances flavour and taste and increases health of flowering plants.