NuLife Technologies

Nulife Technologies

Developed in Australia using more than 30 years’ experience, Nulife’s background is in producing the most advanced commercial nutrients and additives for professional growers in Australia and around the world. Now the same commercial nutrients are available to you in domestic quantities and at competitive prices!

PowerGro - NuLifePower Gro

Power Gro is a two-part hydroponic nutrient designed to be as stable, balanced and easy to use as possible.Developed by an Agronomist with over 35 years of horticulture
experience, Power Gro is easy to use, great value and produces healthy crops.

Available in Grow & Bloom formulations.

Coco - NuLifeCoco

Nulife Coco two-part features increased amounts of Calcium and Nitrogen with the aim of preventing common problems associated with growing in Coco.

The added Calcium and Nitrogen promote healthy growth throughout the plants life cycle enabling growers to achieve higher potential yields. Also suitable for use in soil.

Available in Grow & Bloom formulations.

HyperGro - NuLifeHyperGro

HyperGro single-part feed is easy to use and contains all the nutrients essential for plant growth.

It contains added calcium and compounds not found in any other nutrient. These compounds allow the plant to feed more than it normally would which results in excellent yields.

Available in Grow & Bloom formulations.

AU60 - NuLifeAU-60 Root Repair

AU-60 is a unique plant defense product, put simply it fights disease on behalf of the plant. The technological breakthrough came when Nulife were able to isolate the specific substance that plants use to fight disease. This allows the plant to flourish uninhibited by diseases.

The technological breakthrough came when Nulife were able to isolate the very substance that plants use to fight disease. To put it simply AU-60 fights
disease for the plant. AU-60 is not a toxic pesticide, It’s an organic, naturally occurring substance that controls disease. A must for every grower.

Quickstart - NuLifeQuickStart

Quickstart is a unique blend of plant nutrients, natural vitamins and hormones. These ingredients combine to have a synergistic effect on strike rate and subsequent growth of seedlings.

This totally unique formula tricks seedlings into behaving like mature plants, even though they have no roots. There is virtually no interruption to growth processes thus producing
stronger, better quality plants.

Nitro Boost - NuLifeNitro Boost

The problem of slow initial growth is very common and affects many different crops,
often this is caused by a lack of nitrogen.

Nitro Boost is compounded of slow and fast release forms of organic nitrogen and is an inexpensive method of overcoming these deficiencies whilst promoting strong, healthy growth.

Poweractive - NuLifePower Active

A crop specific culture of beneficial bacteria, hormones and vitamins isolated to increase growth rates.

The hormones and vitamins within Power Active become available to plants as the bacteria colonise the root zone, creating cleaner systems, more vigour, healthier roots, stronger stems and increased yields.

MegaYield - NuLifeMegaYield

NuLife MegaYield is an organic additive, designed to increase fruit size and the overall crop yield of your favourite plants.

MegaYield contains natural amino acids, vitamins, a specialist flowering hormone, anti-stress compounds plus over 40 macro and micro nutrients all included to increase yield.

MegaYield Gold - NuLifeMegaYield Gold

This formula is an expertly crafted mixture of vitamins, minerals, plant hormones and
plant extracts that are designed to accelerate cell growth. Plant growth is boosted and the immune system is stimulated, protecting the plant from the effects of stress like no other supplement can.

MegaYield Gold can be used at all stages of plant growth from seedlings to fully mature plants.

Stop Wilt - NuLifeStop Wilt

Until now there has been little protection against the effect of root disease in hydroponic systems, which leads to many problems. Experience has shown that adding Stop Wilt has prevented the symptoms, and assisted the recovery, of plants attacked by root disease.

Stop Wilt acts by maintaining turgor in the stomatal guard cells, thus preventing wilting and allowing the plants own immune system to do the job of combatting disease.

Weightplus - NuLifeWeight Plus Potassium

Weight Plus is a highly concentrated form of PK which, when added to the nutrient solution in the bloom phase, allows for a huge uptake of Potassium.

Potassium is so important that a plant will take up amounts which exceed its needs, this extra Potassium is used by the plant in the construction of cell walls which in turn adds weight.

Coco Blocks - NuLifeCoco Blocks

Nulife Coco blocks are made from buffered Coco which has been compressed into a handy brick, making them much easier to transport. Gradually adding pH adjusted water while stirring breaks up the block easy transforming it into light & airy Coco.

Minimum 70 litres once uncompressed and great quality.