Ozi Magic

Sweetaz - Ozi Magic

Ozi Magic produce no-nonsense products in Australia. No fancy labels, harmful ingredients or silly price tags. Just tried and tested recipes at a great price.

Sweet AZ - Ozi MagicSweet AZ

Sweet AZ is a special blend of organic compounds and vitamins that will encourage heavy harvests and full flavours.

A favourite of growers in Australia due to its superb value and noticeable benefits when used in conjunction with any nutrient range.

Ozi Tonic - Ozi MagicOzi Tonic

High in Potassium and Phosphorus, Ozi Tonic is a great value full spectrum flowering nutrient which also incorporates Fulvic acid and Seaweed. Used throughout late flowering.

Ozi Tonic will increase yield without sacrificing quality.

Monsta Bud - Ozi MagicMonsta Bud

Monsta Bud is a special blend of high quality mineral salts and a range of organic compounds. These include seaweed, beeswax extract, humic & fulvic acid and plant extracts.

Promotes healthy growth, increases yield and quality.