Rambridge has earned the reputation as a premium floral product. Beautiful Flowers- Healthy Plants!

Veg Booster - Ozi MagicVeg Booster

Veg Booster enables young cuttings or seedlings to develop extended branches, allowing for fuller growth in the later flowering stages. Add Veg Booster directly to the nutrient reservoir only once at the beginning of a plant’s vegetative cycle, once the seedlings/cuttings have recovered from transplant shock.

Compatible with all methods of growing. Works on soil grown plants too.

Blossom Blood - Ozi MagicBlossom Blood

Blossom Blood offers a unique approach to boosting yield in flowering plants. The addition of Blossom Blood to a nutrient reservoir will promote fuller buds and flowers by utilising a unique method of selective pH control.

It is regularly copied but never successfully and is recommended for use in any method of growing.